Card C701

Fiber: cotton, man made fiber, blends, wool. Production up to 270 kg/h. Carding surface 3.74 sqm. Working width 1,500 mm.



Top quality & productivity

  • Working width of the main cylinder of 1,500 mm and carding surface of 3.74 sqm for a lower carding density (number of fibers per point) and consequently a higher productivity and quality
  • 90 revolving flats. 32 always in working position to guarantee the best carding performance
  • Fully integrated chute feed for a batt which is perfectly even and made of small and open tufts
  • Licker-in with diameter of 256 mm rotating at up to 1,500 rpm for a higher centrifugal force and, consequently, an easy elimination of trash
  • MTA (medium-short) autoleveler to ensure the evenness of the card sliver
  • Wide pre and post carding areas to install different configurations of carding segments and mote knives for an excellent cleaning action of the fiber from impurities and dust
  • Minimum mechanical distance between doffer and main cylinder and big diameter of the doffer (700 mm) for an easier transfer of the fiber
  • Web detaching unit and extraction calender that guarantee an optimal control of the web also at high speed
  • Casting structure to ensure no variation in machine settings/carding gaps
  • Quality control of the sliver in the last area of compaction

High efficiency

  • Higher production volumes grant excellent kWh/kg values
  • Suction system specifically designed for the working width of 1,500 mm: efficient removal of impurities

User friendliness

  • Modern PC microprocessor with touch screen multi-language display  for an easy management of the machine
  • Special design of the external covers for an excellent accessibility of the machine

Technical table

Raw material     cotton, man made fiber, blends, wool up to 65 mm
Productionup to 270 Kg/h
Carding surface 3,74 sqm
Working width1.500 mm
Diameter of the main cylinder 1.006 mm
Carding angle284°
Revolving flats90, 32 in working position
Diameter of the licker-in 256 mm
Diameter of the doffer700 mm
Sliver count  Ktex 3 - 30

Technical drawing


1. Control feed inlet

2. Dust extraction outlet

3. Silo feeding roller

4. Opening roller

5. Fan

6. Lower air discharge outlet

7. Card feeding roller

8. Licker-in

9. Pre carding area

10. Flats cleaning device

11. Revolving flats

12. Main cylinder

13. Post carding area

14. Under main cylinders covers

15. Doffer

16. Covers under the doffer

17. Sliver forming system

18. Calender

19. Control panel

20. Coiler

21. Electric box

22. Suction system

Maritas Tekstil
Maritas Tekstil is a Turkish firm, located in Kahramanmaras, which entered the textile sector in 2003 with the purchase of 39 looms to produce cotton dresses.