Ring Spinning Frame MP1N



High efficiency

  • Independent drives for spindles, ring rail and drafting system to reduce mechanical transmission, friction and vibrations

High productivity

  • 4-spindles tape drive
  • Up to 1,824 spindles
  • Spinning rings with diameter up to 54 mm
  • Spindles for speed up to 25,000 rpm
  • Spinning rings MRC and MRR: minimization of friction coefficient, longer service life of ring and traveler, higher yarn quality and reduction of ends down
  • Marzoli weighting arm for a perfect control of fiber throughout draft
  • Link to cone winder or automatic tube loader to locate the tubes on the peg trays
  • Fast and reliable automatic doffer with minimum number of ends down at start up

High flexibility

  • All technological parameters (count, S or Z twist, speed, etc.) setting on touch screen display
  • Working programs easily saved and reloaded
  • Possibility to pre-arrange the machine for the production of core spun, duocore and double roving yarns
  • Integrated slub device (option) for the production of all types of fancy yarns without any mechanical modification of the spinning frame
  • Possibility to install Marzoli compact system Mac3000

Technical table

Count range 

Ne 4 – Ne 350 / Nm 6 – Nm 678 / Tex 150 – Tex 1,68

Twist range

Tw/’’ 4 – 56 / T/M 160 – 2,210

Spindles gauge

70 mm - 75 mm

Ring diameter

36 - 54 mm

Tubes height

180 - 260 mm

Maritas Tekstil
Maritas Tekstil is a Turkish firm, located in Kahramanmaras, which entered the textile sector in 2003 with the purchase of 39 looms to produce cotton dresses.