Lap winder LW3



  • Speed up to 220 m/min (average speed up to 190 m/min)
  • 24, 28 or 32 doublings with cans with diameter of 24". 24 or 28 doublings with cans with diameter of 40"
  • 3 over 3 drafting systems with independent motors in line with the lap formation calenders for an easier and more precise superimposition of the webs
  • Four points of calender pressure to obtain a compact and uniform lap
  • Special system with double calender to avoid reimbursement and expansion of the lap during lap formation
  • Fast automatic system for laps unloading and empty tubes loading (doffing in 22 seconds)
  • Automatic loading of the laps on the trolley or on the conveyor for manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic transfer of the laps to the combers
  • Efficient centralized suction system or with self-cleaning filter box (option)
  • Advanced creel with sensors that immediately stop the machine in case of sliver break

Technical table

Weight of the lapup to 28 kg
Lap width 300 mm
Lap diameter 600 mm
Formation speed Variable – average speed up to 190 m/min