Combing section

Draw frames, lap winders and combers for maximum sliver evenness and effective removal of short fibers at high production rates.

  • Latest-concept single-head draw frames with pneumatic drafting system designed for speeds up to 1000 m/min. Short-term auto-leveling technology with adjustment of the drafting ratio every 3 ms for excellent levels of sliver evenness.
  • Lap winder with production rate of up to 620 kg/h. Doffing in only 22 seconds. Very high quality laps thanks to extremely precise sliver overlay combined the unique features of the formation area.
  • Comber with a production level of up to 85 kg/h and a mechanical speed of up to 600 nips/minute. Revision of the law of motion of the detaching rollers for the best piecing of tufts. 3 – over – 4 drafting system for a better control of the fibers during the drafting phase.
Lap winder LW3

Production up to 620 kg/h. Speed up to 220 m/min. Doffing time: 22 seconds.

Comber CM7

Mechanical speed up to 600 nips/min. Production up to 85 kg/h.

Draw frames DF1 - DFR1

Fiber: cotton, man made fiber, blends. Output speed: up to 1,000 m/min.