Duo blended cleaner B380L

Fiber: cotton, man made fiber, blends. Production up to 1,000 kg/h. Working width: 1,600 mm.



  • Progressive opening for an effective cleaning action
  • No nipping of the raw material for a gentle treatment of the fiber
  • Effective dedusting
  • Additional blending of the raw material through the 2 blending chambers
  • Optimal accessibility to all working organs for an easy and effective cleaning and maintenance

Technical table

Raw materialcotton, man made fiber and blends
Productionup to 1.000 Kg/h
Diameter of the beaters400 mm
Speed of the beaters 600 - 1.100 rpm

Technical drawing


1. Motorfan B152

2. Feed duct

3. Distributing duct

4. Blending chambers

5. Pressure transducer

6. Delivery rolls

7. Preopening rolls

8. Beater

9. Opening grids

10. Microprocessor