Opening and carding section

Card and blow room machines for the best preparation of any kind of fibre (natural, man-made, synthetic, technical fibres and blends) and for any kind of application (woven and non-woven).

  • An opener with fibre feeding system without nipping points, pre-opening rolls and two beaters with 4 carding sectors with incremental point density for progressive opening and cleaning.
  • An axiflow cleaner with double beaters and individually set grids for intensive cleaning of the material at the beginning of the process.
  • Cage condensers for the transport of material, minimising the formation of neps along the line.
  • Tuft blending lines with high-precision weighing bale openers.

These are some of the features of Marzoli blow room lines, that are able to process any type of cotton staple fibre.

We can also mention the characteristics of the C701 card that, with a carding area of 3.74 sqm and 1,500 mm working height, allows a better selection and parallelisation of the fibers.

The cast iron frame gives the machine solidity and precision in maintaining settings.

Superblender B12

Fiber: Cotton, man made fibers with length up to 65 mm. Production: 1,100 kg/h (working width of the detacher: 1,700 mm) - 1,600 Kg/h (working width of the detacher: 2,250 mm)

Duocleaner B390L

Fiber: cotton, cotton waste, gin motes. Production: Up to 1,600 kg/h. Working width: 1,600 mm + 1,600 mm.

Automixer B143L

Fiber: cotton and man made fiber. Production up to 1,600 kg/h with 8 blending chambers. Working width 1,600 mm.

Duo blended cleaner B380L

Fiber: cotton, man made fiber, blends. Production up to 1,000 kg/h. Working width: 1,600 mm.

Weighing bale opener B13 and tuft blender B23

Fiber: cotton and man-made fiber. Production up to 350 kg/h/B13. Working width: 1,200 mm.

Bale opener & pre mixer B14

Fiber: cotton and man made fiber. Production up to 600 kg/h. Working width: 1,200 mm.

Opener B134L

Fiber: cotton, man-made fiber and blends. Production up to 1,600 kg/h. Working width: 1,600 mm.

Card C701

Fiber: cotton, man made fiber, blends, wool. Production up to 270 kg/h. Carding surface 3.74 sqm. Working width 1,500 mm.