Integrated Slub Device



  • Integrated slub device: no mechanical modification on the machine is required
  • High performance and productivity
  • User-friendly and simple HMI with values in mm and percentages
  • Great versatility and flexibility
  • Independently settable acceleration and deceleration ramps with fine control of the final part of the ramp to produce yarns without weak points
  • Automatic visualization of the graph related to the slub recipe in production to check the right execution
  • Automatic control of the slub features during the editing phase with warning in case of not workable parameters
  • 500 lines for 500 different slubs in a single recipe
  • Automatic generation of the recipes by inserting only the minimum and maximum values for each parameter with a reading choice between "random", "cycle" and "Mcch" system
  • Up to 10,000 different recipes saved into the machine
  • Connection to YarNet for management of slub recipes from a remote PC
  • "Draw your slub" system to draw the shape of the slub on a dedicated editor.