Roving Frame FT6E /FT7E & FT6DE / FT7DE



  • Up to 240 spindles (FT6E / FT6DE), up to 192 spindles (FT7E / FT7DE)
  • Independent drives for drafting system, flyers, spindles and bobbin rail
  • Creel with hexagonal rollers to prevent false draft of the slivers
  • 3-over-3 (or 4 over 4) drafting system with weighting arms with pneumatic or spring load
  • Single photocell or individual sensors to stop the machine in case of roving break
  • Multi-motor spindles drive: 1 motor  every 32 spindles (FT6E - FT6DE), 1 motor every 24 spindles (FT7E – FT7DE) to minimize energy consumption
  • Flyers and spindles driven by timing belts to reduce noise and maintenance
  • Optimization of the spindles speed to keep roving tension within the desired range
  • Semiautomatic or automatic doffing
  • Automatic piecing of the roving after doff
  • Controlled stop of the machine in case of power failure
  • User-friendly touch screen display
  • Connection to YarNet for production management

Technical table

Raw material

Cotton, man made fiber and blends up to 60 mm

Count rangefrom Ne 0.40 till Ne 3.5
Twist range

Tw/" 0,30 - 3,55

Draft range from 4 till 20
FT6E / FT6DEUp to 240 spindles gauge 110 mm, bobbins 6” x 16”
FT7E / FT7DEUp to 192 spindles gauge 130 mm, bobbins 6” x 16” or 7” x 16


Maritas Tekstil
Maritas Tekstil is a Turkish firm, located in Kahramanmaras, which entered the textile sector in 2003 with the purchase of 39 looms to produce cotton dresses.