Spinning section

Roving frames, bobbin transport system and ring spinning frame with the highest standards of productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

  • Roving frames with gauges of 110 mm and 130 mm. FT60 and FT6E up to 240 spindles; FT70 and FT7E up to 192 spindles. Marzoli’s roving frames have a solid cast iron structure to minimise vibration even when the machine is working at high speeds. Easy to clean, silent and robust. The machine can be equipped with semiautomatic doffing, with tilting of the detacher for easy replacement of full bobbins with empty tubes, or with fast and reliable external automatic doffing, which is a benchmark for other manufacturers.
  • Automatic random creeling and/or block creeling bobbin transport systems for maximum efficiency in internal logistics activities.
  • Ring frames with tangential-belt and spindle tape drives up to 2,400 spindles. Mechanical speed up to 25,000 rpm. Independent drives for the drafting system, spindles and ring rail. Main drafting set through control panel. Option to install the integrated Marzoli slub device and the innovative Mac3000 compact system.