Customer care (after sales)

Marzoli offers an efficient and prompt spare parts service.

Only original Marzoli and Vouk spare parts, marketed by the parent company and its sales network, can guarantee the durability and performance of the machinery.

Alongside the spare parts service, Marzoli also offers local technical support across the world.

Technical and product managers with a thorough knowledge on the entire spinning line are available to clients to ensure the ongoing performance of their machinery.

Electronics spare parts packages

The advantages are a significant extension of each machine’s operational life and a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

Currently, update packages are available for: 

  • FT1 Roving frame 
  • RST1 Ring frame
  • MPTN Ring frame 
  • MP1N Ring frame

For more information regarding electronics and spare part packages, please contact the Marzoli spare parts service at

Customer care (after sales)